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Welcome to Theology for the Public Square

My name is Ben R. Crenshaw, and I write on the intersection of Christianity and contemporary life in order to promote a virtuous and flourishing society.


Book Reviews

Books are an important and tested source of knowledge in our media driven, sound-bite age. I read often and widely and review important works in both brief and in-depth articles. Click the link to read more.

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History & Culture

The Problem with Phobia Mania

Recently I read an article by Chris Gehrz called, “Evangelical Islamophobia.” Although the topic is quite fascinating, I am not favorable toward the author’s perspective. There are a number of drawbacks that require more careful thinking on this topic. The Nature of “Phobias” A trending movement these days is to attach…

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History & Culture

First Things Student Essay Contest 2015

Earlier this year, the journal First Things, a prominent publication on American religion and public life, held its first student essay contest for all college and graduate-level students. Contestants had three prompts to choose from, focused around essays and material the journal had covered in 2014-15. I became aware of the contest…

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