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What Is a Socratic Question?

What is a Socratic question? That question is a Socratic question. But not all questions are Socratic questions. Asking questions as a way of teaching and engaging with others is the Socratic method, but not just any question will do. So, what is a Socratic question? The precise reason why…

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By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed Feser Bessette
Book Reviews

Denver Journal Book Review: “By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed” by Edward Feser and Joseph M. Bessette

← Back to Book Reviews Edward Feser and Joseph M. Bessette, By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed: A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2017. Paperback, $18.79. 420 pp. ISBN: 978-1621641261. In their new book on capital punishment, philosopher Edward Feser and political scientist and ethicist…

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Politics & Economics

Acton University 2018 Recap

Last month I returned from my fourth straight year at Acton University. This is a four-day conference in Grand Rapids, MI put on by the Acton Institute that seeks to integrate markets and morality in order to create a virtuous and flourishing society. It’s called a “university” because you sign…

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Bible & Theology, Politics & Economics

Christians, the Bible, and Immigration in America, Part 1: Grudem’s Flaw

The debate over immigration in America continues apace. In fact, it has heated up considerably in recent months as some of President Trump’s policies have drawn sharp criticism and outrage across the country (family separation, deportation, building the wall, etc.). These are complex and difficult issues that require a broad…

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Politics & Economics

The 2018 Immigration and Asylum Crisis

From April – June 2018, the Trump administration pursued a “zero-tolerance” policy of enforcing immigration law in order to deter illegal immigration. The policy, which was quickly decried for “separating children from their parents,” was unpopular with the public and elicited numerous objections. Some of these protests came from Church…

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