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Last September I had the privilege of sitting down with Chad E. Graham, lead pastor at University Assembly, and recording a multi-series podcast with him on the “Rise of Socialism” on his Thinker Sensitive podcast. Socialism is in vogue again after being in disrepute for decades. This is partly due to the age-old myth that genuine socialism was never really tried, party due to a new generation that’s tired of the status quo and wants to try something new, and party due to the excessess of the 2008 Great Recession which many blame ‘unfettered capitalism’ for. In this series, Graham and I cover twelve different topics or questions about socialism, including an interview with a self-described socialist. You can listen to them on the Thinker Sensitive website or in the various formats below.

Or, if you would perfer, you can listen to each episode here:

Episode #1: What is Socialism?

Episode #2: What is Democracy?

Episode #3: What is Private Property?

Episode #4: What is Labor?

Episode #5: Free Market vs. Command Economy

Episode #6: Socialism v. Communism

Episode #7: Universal Basic Income

Episode #8: Universal Health Care

Episode #9: Free College Tuition

Episode #10: Scandinavian & Nordic Socialism

Episode #11: Christianity & Socialism

Episode #12: Interview w/Alex Rhodes of the Colorado Springs Socialists